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Unlock the Secret to Limitless Abundance: Manifest a Life Where Your Access to Money is a Choice, Not a Concern

From Constraint to Choice: Master Your Money Mindset for a Life Overflowing with Wealth

In a world where the struggle to maintain financial stability often overshadows our deeper pursuits and passions, the question arises: How do you live a life where money is no concern? The answer lies in your awareness, alignment and actualization—an answer that offers not only financial freedom but also a fulfilling life enriched with relationships and personal growth.

This course focuses on developing a new money mindset, which is more than just financial strategies. Your mindset, shaped by your beliefs, attitudes, and background, deeply influences your financial decisions. A healthy money mindset is not just about budgeting or investing; it's about aligning your financial actions with your values and emotional responses to money. Without this, even large sums of money can be lost quickly. This course teaches you how to cultivate a positive money mindset for lasting financial and emotional health.

Transforming Your Money Mindset

90-Day Course Curriculum

It's time to take on your money fitness and become financially free

  • Introduction to the importance of a healthy money mindset

  • Overview of what this course aims to achieve. Breakdown of the Intentions of the course.

  • The Psychology of Money

  • The emotional aspect of money. Common misconceptions about wealth. Why your money mindset matters. Distinguishing the impact financial decisions and choices has on your life.

  • Identifying Your Current Money Mindset

  • Self-Assessment Exercises and studying common signs of a limiting mindset. Recognizing financial fears and anxieties. 

  • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

  • Studying the characteristics of a fixed mindset and the characteristics of a growth mindset. How does your mindset actually affect your financial decisions. Exercises to determine your mindset type.

  • The Science of YES - The Power of Positive Self-Talk

  • Identifying the language of YES and how your languaging impacts your actions. Techniques for rephrasing limiting beliefs and speaking patterns. Practical exercises for implementing positive self-talk. Tips for sustaining a positive dialog with yourself.

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    90 Day Course Curriculum (cont.)

    • Visualization Techniques

    • The psychology behind visualization and how to visualize financial success. The tools and apps that can assist in visualization. Daily routines to integrate visualization. Cash Audit and Cash Flow Challenge.

    • Gratitude and Generosity: The Keys to Abundance

    • How gratitude shifts focus from scarcity to abundance. The act of giving as an investment. Practical tips for practicing gratitude and generosity. Testimonials: How gratitude and generosity affected others' financial journeys.

    • Becoming Financially Literate

    • Basic financial terms you should know. Recommended books, podcasts and other courses to take. Making educated investment choices. The role of continued education in financial freedom.

    • Building Accountability Systems and Structures

    • Trackiong your financial journey and the benefits of a financial mentor or advisor. Creating a mastermind group for financial growth. Utilizing technology for acccountability.

    • Expert Advise

    • Interviews with financial experts. Industry secrets for wealth accumulation. Diversifying income streams. Leveraging your current skillset for financial growth.

    • Taking on the Next Steps in Your Financial Fitness Journey

    • Developing a realistic and actionable financial plan and setting SMART goals. Exploring resources for continuous learning and improvement. Checklist for maintaining a positive money mindset.

    Do you know the story of King Midas?

    King Midas - The Midas Touch

    A tale from ancient Greek mythology, it centers on King Midas of Phrygia, a man of immense wealth and a connoisseur of beauty. His life takes a momentous turn when he offers sanctuary to Silenus, a companion of Dionysus, the god of wine and pleasure. Grateful, Dionysus offers to fulfill a single wish for Midas.

    Midas wishes that everything he touches turn to gold. Dionysus reluctantly grants his wish. Initially, Midas is euphoric, converting all he touches into gold. Yet, he quickly realizes he has a delimna. Attempting to quench his thirst or satiate his hunger becomes impossible, as food and drink transmute into gold upon contact with his lips. Most heart-wrenching is the transformation of his beloved daughter into a lifeless golden statue upon his inadvertent touch.

    He pleads with Dionysus to reverse the gift. He is instructed to wash his hands in the River Pactolus. Doing restores his touch to normal.

    The tale of King Midas serves as a cautionary example of how a flawed mindset—focused solely on instant gain—can lead to disastrous consequences. This story underscores the contrast between a fixed mindset, which seeks quick rewards and avoids challenges, and a growth mindset, which values long-term benefits and learns from setbacks. The tale of King Midas serves as a universally relevant cautionary lesson on the importance of a balanced mindset, and the potentially devastating outcomes of succumbing to unexamined greed or ambition.

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    About Your Teacher

    Pam Heath, The YES Coach™

    Empowering Entrepreneurs to Triumph Over All Odds

    Pamela Heath, known as the YES Coach,™ is a certified Life Coach, Business Strategist, and Branding Expert whose mission is to help passionate entrepreneurs craft the life and business of their dreams. With an enduring spirit of resilience, Ms. Heath transforms obstacles into opportunities and empowers her clients to say YES to life's endless possibilities.

    Triumph Over Adversity: Pam’s journey is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. She has surmounted life’s harshest challenges, including homelessness, the heart-wrenching loss of her eldest daughter to suicide, the sudden passing of spouse of 26 years, and the collapse of her lucrative career. Yet, from the ashes she rose to build a thriving six-figure consulting business. Her inspiring life story caught the attention of Apple Plus TV, featuring her in their acclaimed series ‘DEAR…’ Season 2, Episode 5— “Dear Jane Fonda.”

    Reinvention in the Face of Crisis: The onset of the global pandemic and a personal health crisis in November 2022 did not deter Pam. She swiftly pivoted her in-person consultancy to virtual platforms and penned her bestselling book, solidifying her return to success in record time. Her resilience proves she is truly unstoppable.

    Expertise and Offerings:  She specializes in guiding Transformational, Motivational, and Self-Help Coaches, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs. She clarifies their unique brand messages, enabling a surge in lead generation, customer conversions, and revenue growth. She is the bestselling author of "Say Yes! 7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams" and a contributing author to "Harmony in Chakras, Volume II."

    Methodology: Combining her robust background in personal development, communications, and team management, Pam employs a grounded, relatable coaching methodology. Her approach is practical and structured, rooted in a positive mindset that delivers tangible, effective results.

    Legacy: Above all, Pam is committed to leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. Her brand message, “SAY YES! Then take the first step,” encapsulates her life philosophy of continuous growth and boundless opportunity.

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    4 easy-to-understand modules that will give you the step by step GPS Road Map to Deliver Your Money Mindset to abundance, prosperity and success.

    Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs

    Practical Strategies

    Holistic Wealth Management

    Master Emotional Resilience

    Break Through Limiting Beliefs: Uncover and dismantle the hidden mental blocks that have been holding you back.

    Unlock the psychology of abundance and why your mindset is your most valuable asset.

    Holistic Wealth: Achieve a balanced, abundant life that's rich in financial, emotional, and spiritual wealth.

    Understand the power of YES energy, allowing you to create the life you desire.

    Practical Strategies: Easy-to-follow, step-by-step advice that can be implemented right away.

    Follow our specialized 90-day financial goal setting plan to keep you on track.

    Master Emotional Resilience: Learn to thrive in any financial climate.

    Harness journaling tools to bring self-awareness and activate your innate power for transformation.


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    Transforming Your Money Mindset" isn’t just another "get rich scheme." It's a transformative journey that will revolutionize how you think about money, love, success, and abundance. Authored by Pam Heath, an industry-leading thought leader in financial mindset transformation, this book aims to alter your perceptions to set you on a clear path to achieve holistic wealth.

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